Essential Bushfire Safety Tips (third edition) by Joan Webster OAM

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“Though it is written for Australia, its lessons are universal.” – the US Natural Hazards Observer (November 2013 issue)

Bushfire authorities urge people to be ready for summer with a safety plan.

Essential Bushfire Safety Tips has everything you need to know to make your bushfire plan with confidence, providing accurate information in an accessible, clear way.

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By the author of the acclaimed The Complete Bushfire Safety Book, this new edition of Joan Webster OAM’s Essential Bushfire Safety Tips deals with people’s fears and concerns following the Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria, 2009, and a maze of new official safety policies. In this book, she identifies the shortcomings and likely adverse repercussions of some of these policies, defines the actions necessary for people to stay safe during a bushfire and sets out safe procedures.

Included in this new edition are new chapters on township protection; shelters, refuges and bunkers, as well as new information on choices of safe home bushfire strategies and protective house design, furnishings and gardens.

This handy book demystifies bushfire behaviour; details the protective action needed at each stage of danger; lists killer and survival factors; discusses evacuation dangers and advantages, how to make a safe ‘stay or go’ decision and sets out safe travel for holidaymakers. It explains how bushfire attacks houses, describes weather factors and safe burning-off procedures and lists home bushfire equipment.

Bushfire does not only endanger rural people. More than half of all bushfire tragedies happen in the grassy, leafy, outer city suburbs. Everyone who lives or works in or near the countryside or urban-fringe needs this book. The knowledge it offers can help greatly to reduce dangers to homes and lives, and take the fear out of summer.

See also Joan Webster’s Bushfire Safety website.

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1 review for Essential Bushfire Safety Tips (third edition) by Joan Webster OAM

  1. 4 out of 5

    Review in the US Natural Hazards Observer (Nov 2013 issue)

    Essential Bushfire Safety Tips: Third Edition. By Joan Webster.

    One way to tell whether a how-to book is a good one is whether it includes a lot of lists. This one does, providing a solid grounding in wildfire safety in digestible bites. It lets you know what to do in virtually every circumstance when facing a bushfire—preparing in advance, protecting your pets and livestock, deciding where to shelter, and when to leave.

    It’s also a book with a point of view. Since Victoria, Australia’s Black Saturday bushfires on February 7, 2009, “kneejerk reaction set panic coursing through many communities,” Webster writes in her introduction. “It fueled the oppressive assertion that even well-prepared home defenders were likely to die; brought calls to prohibit defending homes; urged that
    every country town be manditorily evacuated; and asserted that the only way to ensure safety was to abandon your home to its fate. It has undone 20 years of effective understanding of bushfire safety.”

    But research into the Black Saturday tragedy has shown that deaths were not caused by people staying in their homes, but rather by staying without being properly prepared. In the 2009 Victorian Bushfires Research Taskforce report, researchers found, “Overall, less than one-third of those interviewed had undertaken a high level of long term preparation to
    implement their household bushfire survival plan. A little more than half of the bushland-urban interface residents had undertaken no preparation.

    Webster’s book explains step-by-step how to plan to defend one’s home, or how to decide to leave and when to make that decision. Though it is written for Australia, it’s lessons are universal.

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