Melliodora meanderings

We woke to the possibilities of a brand new day. We repaired the small jetty to inspire the rain gods. We shared food with loved ones. We cleaned windows. We harvested amaranth. We marvelled at the colour and tenacity of self-sown seeds. We welcomed three new MIAOWs (Melliodora Interns and Other Workers). This is James. […]


Land Cultures: shared knowledges

Bruce Pascoe and David Holmgren to meet and share knowledges Award-winning Australian writer, editor and anthologist Bruce Pascoe is leading a movement of researchers that is rewriting Aboriginal history in Australia. On Thursday April 7 2016 Pascoe will visit Daylesford for a series of free events including Land Cultures: Aboriginal economies and permaculture futures at […]

Su harvesting honey

Busy lil bees

The quinoa is finally ready so Mitch and Sanami spend a morning harvesting. Mitch has spent much time in Japan since 2002 and is happy to be able to practice his Japanese, impressing all of us. Sanami is one of the MIAOWs (Melliodora Interns and Other Workers) currently working, learning and sharing with us. She […]

The Hon. Jay Weatherill MP, Premier of South Australia

Graduate Certificate in Permaculture Design

In Adelaide today, at Central Queensland University, students are making history as they begin a brand new course: A Graduate Certificate in Permaculture Design, the first university-accredited permaculture program in Australia. On Friday last week, the Hon. Jay Weatherill MP, Premier of South Australia, and CQUniversity Appleton Institute Director and Engaged Research Chair Professor Drew […]


The home economy

Ta da! Kamut bread fresh out of the wood oven ready for lunch. We’re all starving today, having built up quite an appetite. We’ve been harvesting pears, nashis and apples and are now removing the nets from all the trees. Above left is Taron. Taron’s been spending every Tuesday here at Melliodora since he was […]


A day in the life

It’s been a big week at Melliodora. We are still coming to terms with Venie’s passing. Kevin Childs, in The Local magazine, wrote a beautiful account of Venie’s funeral, which you can find on page three here. Earlier this week we had two MIAOWs (Melliodora Interns and Other Workers) arrive. Brianna is an architect from Brazil […]


Vale Venie Holmgren

Poet’s Corner, at Melliodora, was Venie’s home since she relocated from Pambula in 2012. On Tuesday many of her family and friends came together to celebrate her full life as a mother, grandmother, poet, activist, hippy traveller, avid scrabble player, friend and much loved community elder. Venie was laid to rest at the Franklinford cemetery in a […]


Venie Holmgren passes after colourful and nourishing life

Wednesday January 27th Venie finished writing her life long poem. An adventure filled with 93 years of words, feisty activism and wry humour. She moves on leaving vivid memories in her brothers Norman and Gordon, her children Jenny (partner Chin) and David (partner Su), grandchildren Oliver, Kimon and Jody as well as many others she […]


Samuel Alexander interviews David Holmgren

Get yourself comfortable and settle in for a thorough look at David Holmgren’s latest thinking on the prospects for our future. In this interview Samuel Alexander of the Simplicity Collective poses written questions which David addresses over an epic 90 minutes. For the last few months (and before) David has been absorbed in writing a new book, so there may […]