Bee keeping at Melliodora

Bee keeping for the energy descent future

This article is a reflection on “the prospects for apiculture (bee keeping) as a sustainable and resilient livelihood in the future” and considers the current state of apiculture and future possibilities from a number of different angles. Download PDF (205 KB)

Future Scenarios: How communities can adapt to Peak Oil and Climate Change

Future Scenarios presentation

One of David Holmgren’s most requested presentations, based on the ideas from the Future Scenarios website and book. David runs half day and full day Future Scenarios workshops for councils, community groups and others, by request. Future Scenarios explores David Holmgren’s futurism and scenario planning work for an era of peak oil and climate change. […]

Permaculture Ethics & Design Principles DVD

Using principles to surf the energy descent future

Aphorisms for Permaculture activists, APC10 In the final plenary of APC10, David Holmgren drew on lessons from over three decades of permaculture thinking and activism to distill pointers for using ethics and design principles to surf the energy descent future (without being dumped by king waves). An upbeat presentation that enscapsulated how the next generation […]

Nominal and inflation-adjusted crude oil prices 1970-2009, taken from Steven Kopits’ Oil: What Price Can America Afford?

Money vs Fossil Energy: The battle for control of the world

“This essay provides a framework for understanding the ideological roots of the current global crisis that I believe is more useful than the now tired Left Right political spectrum. I use this framework to provide a commentary on current political machinations around Climate Change and Peak Oil. Building form the same energetic literacy that informs […]


Eroded gully revegetation, Spring Creek Gully

David Holmgren explaining a low cost technique for revegetation of eroded gullies without heavy machinery or chemicals. The technique turns thick, fire-prone blackberry cover into useful fire-resistant trees on what was a landscape completed denuded in the gold era. Working bee action in the background. Thanks to Dan Palmer of Very Edible Gardens (VEG) for […]

The Flywire House: A case study in design against bushfire

Bushfire resilient communities and landscapes presentation

Sustainable Living Festival – February 2010 Climate change and peak oil demand we change our behaviour, organise our households and reshape our communities and landscapes for greater self reliance and resilience. The threat of bushfire provides the immediate context for application of these changes that will be more effective and empowering than top down centralised […]


Bushfire Resilient Communities and Landscapes

A 52 page discussion paper focused on David’s home community of Daylesford and Hepburn where it is already influencing community and local government action. It covers a wide range of issues relevant to bushfire vulnerable communities in Australia and abroad including psychological and social preparedness through to management of fire prone landscapes. All of these […]

David Holmgren and Buenos Aires TreeHugger correspondent.

Treehugger interview in Buenos Aires

Extracted from the original Treehugger interview by Paula Alvarado in Buenos Aires, October 2007. “Many of the mainstream approaches to how we might make things more energetically efficient and ecologically friendly, although well intentioned, are a waste of time”, says David Holmgren. From a permaculture point of view, that is. This is because this set […]