Retrofitting the Suburbs for Sustainability (presentation)

David Holmgren gave a Lunchbox/Soapbox talk at the The Wheeler Centre in February 2012, exploring the profound improvements that the application of permaculture principles and strategies could deliver for the sustainability and liveability of today’s suburbs. Through the microcosm of four adjacent houses in ‘Aussie Street’, Holmgren demonstrates how suburbs can and will respond to […]


Strategies for transition

GroAction Interview with Luke Miller Callahan in 2011 How do we move away from a fossil-fuel based society? In this interview, David Holmgren discusses the strategies for transition. For all you suburbia nay-sayers out there, this discussion will be especially interesting to you. See also an excellent post by David MacLeod on Integral Permaculture.


Moving away from a fossil-fuel based society

The upcoming transition away from a fossil-fuel based society: David Holmgren talks strategy Luke Miller Callahan, from the GroAction Network, interviewed David Holmgren in November 2011 and asked him “How do we move away from a fossil-fuel based society?” Luke says “For all you suburbia nay-sayers out there, this discussion will be especially interesting to […]


Bushfire resilient landscapes and communities (presentation in Blue Mountains)

David Holmgren gives a public talk on creating bushfire resilient communities and landscapes, organised by Pat Rayner of Permaculture Blue Mountains. Thanks to Gary Caganoff for the videos. Part I [youtube] Part II [youtube] Part III [youtube] Part IV [youtube]


Why big households are better than big houses

Bigger houses, with more stuff and fewer people in them, something has to give. Michael Green, explains why big households are better than big houses. Michael interviewed David Holmgren, and Ed McKinley of the Groupwork Institute of Australia for this article. Also on The Age Domain site. (more…)


2011 National Permaculture Day

This short video is of the National Permaculture Day celebrations in Daylesford on 30 April, hosted by the Daylesford Community Food Gardeners (DCFG) and the Hepburn Relocalisation Network (HRN), with the help of SHARE (Sustainable Hepburn Association), Daylesford CFA, Hepburn Council and local residents. David Holmgren speaks about “The Local.” [vimeo 23958771 w=600 h=452]

Monet's Garden Givery France 2013  (photo Joanna Richardson)

Weeds or Wild Nature: A Permaculture Perspective

David Holmgren presented this report as part of a series of seminars on “Contentious Perspectives on Weeds” at the 45th Annual General Meeting of the Weed Society of Victoria in April 2011. It was subsequently published in Plant Protection Quarterly, Volume 26, Issue 3, 2011, p.92-97, along with other proceedings from the seminar. His message […]

Bee keeping at Melliodora

Bee keeping for the energy descent future

This article is a reflection on “the prospects for apiculture (bee keeping) as a sustainable and resilient livelihood in the future” and considers the current state of apiculture and future possibilities from a number of different angles. Download PDF (205 KB)