Global Finance and Permaculture

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Date(s) - 06/07/14
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Fremantle Town Hall


poster twoAn all-day conference, featuring presentations by David Holmgren and Nicole Foss with time for in-depth discussion about local solutions.

In 2006 David Holmgren was joined by Richard Heinberg in a ’round Australia tour alerting the public to the threats and opportunities of Peak Oil.  David’s empowering presentation Retrofitting the Suburbs for the Energy Descent Future included the story of four 1950’s suburban houses in Aussie St transformed by the social and economic changes through the decades up to a 2000’s Permaculture Retrofit.

That presentation helped reinvigorate the idea of the Australian suburbs and town communities as places of hope in a world of energy crunch, climate chaos and economic instability, and inspired some of the best examples of community development in the country. See for example, “Take a street and build a community” presentation by Shani Graham at TEDxPerth.

Eight years on the interactions between Climate Chaos, Oil Shocks and Economic Contraction is confused in the minds of the public and policy makers alike. The rapidly changing context in which sustainability activists, and entrepreneurs work is reshaping the context for planning and action.

This workshop is intended to help those at the front line of sustainability use the over-the-horizon thinking of leading Australian sustainability teacher, David Holmgren. Building on thirty years of permaculture teaching, Transition activism and personal example, David synthesises how to survive, thrive and contribute to a better world, wracked by unfolding climate chaos, peak energy, economic contraction and geopolitical stress.   The Brown Tech Energy Descent scenario is the reference point and context for the workshop, but David also draws on more recent published and unpublished work, including an Energy Descent Action Planning (EDAP) consultancy for Hepburn Shire Council (Vic) as well as his influential Retrofitting the Suburbs work that have evolved over time to the current presentation Permaculture Surfing The Property Bubble Dumpers.

nicole_foss_portrait_2014david_holmgren_talking_2013Holmgren is joined by Nicole Foss, leading system analyst, who explains how the deflationary dynamics, that always follow finance and property bubbles, will rapidly impact individuals, families and communities, while the longer acting forces of Peak Oil and Climate Change will determine and limit the nature of any economic recovery.  Foss’s succinct and riveting presentation sets the scene for the positive permaculture strategies. More than just an affirmation of what many are already doing, Foss’s systemic perspective is a wake up call for those concerned about environmental and social issues to understand how their own exposure to financial collapse will determine whether they can shape a better future for themselves, their children and their communities.

Many of you will remember Nicole Foss from her 2012 visit in Freo. She is a sustainability, energy, and finance expert based in Canada. On this tour she will further explore the links between the converging pressures facing us (peak oil, financial crisis, climate change), the implications for our everyday lives, but most importantly look at solutions she has observed from around the world.

David Holmgren is best known as the co-founder of permaculture, possibly the most successful export of ideas from Australia. His book, Permaculture: Principles and Pathways Beyond Sustainability is the benchmark literature when discussing sustainability.

$30 plus bring a plate of lunch to share.

For more information including session outlines, contact Shani from Ecoburbia    



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